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Jongin's new accesories.

Title: Jongin's new accesories.
Rating: R
Pairing: Kungsoo/Kai, ninja!Sehun/Luhan, ninja!Baekhyun/Chanyeol, ninja!Jonghyun/Key.
Genre: genderswitch, friendship, romance -kinda-,smut
Length: Oneshot. 9385 words.
Summary: It was kind of a rite of passage. Changmin once said it was a curse and Lee Soo Man himself was the first that suffered it, he mentioned something about a bad girlfriend or something.
A/N: really need a beta. English is not my mother language, feel free to point out my mistakes.

It was kind of a rite of passage. Changmin once said it was a curse and Lee Soo Man himself was the first that suffered it, he mentioned something about a bad girlfriend or something. Of course knowing Changmin you will be never sure. Heechul said it was a blessing, the best inside job ever, a unique point of view. The trainees thought his sunbaes were just messing with them, that explained the scream heard in the dorm just a month after debut.

“Guys!” Jongin desperate scream made everybody ran toward his room. Suho was the first to arrive. When he noticed what was going on he panicked but he was the leader and his job was to bring peace and serenity and order and he had no idea what to do with Jongin’s new accessories.

“This can’t be real, what the fuck? I lose my ability to think like a normal human being,” Chanyeol was the first to voice his opinion. Baekhyun was hiding behind his back trying not to stare but doing it anyway. Sehun took a quick picture and his face was blank.

Jongin was sitting in his bed, looking at his band mates, a desperate look in his face. Kyungsoo was the first to make a coherent comment, “We are together in this,” he started, “we have to make our Jongin feel comfortable, even in this circumstances, we must respect him and behave. He is experience a new stage in his life. Stop staring at him like that,” he walked toward Jongin and sit in the floor next to the bed, “how are you feeling Jongin?”

“I-I d-don’t know,” he said, the despair in his voice was palpable, “I’m feeling like myself, like any other day. I w-was... I woke up and I was sleeping in my stomach and then I-I” he couldn’t continue, his voice sounded hopeless. “Jongin, you can continue, we are here for you.”

“I, I felt something weird in my chest and between my...” everybody caught their breaths because of the implications, somewhere Sehun was taking another photo. “It’s okay, Jongin.” His lips were trembling and his eyes looked like he was about to cry, “I don’t know what’s going on, Suho?” Jongin turned toward Suho and their leader finally took control of the situation.

“I’m going to talk with Kris, we need to watch at this situation as a group, he needs to know and together we will figure...” Suho started to said.

“God! It is true! I thought Luhan was fucking with us,” Chen screamed from the door, suddenly walking into the room, Tao was walking behind him and his shocked expression matched everybody thoughts. “Ge. Jongin has a pair of...”

“Yes,” was Lay and Xiumin’s instant answer. “Changmin hyung was right... I can’t”

“Suho,” Kris said, finally making everybody notice his presence in the room, “our manager needs to hear about this.”

“No!” Luhan said, he was checking Sehun’s phone over his friend’s shoulder. “Heechul hyung says we need to calm the fuck down and solve this ourselves,” Suho and Kris looked scared, they were almost as young as the rest of the members, nobody trained them to take care of things like... this. “He says he will be here in ten minutes,” Sehun finished.

Nobody said a word, Kyungsoo was singing a quiet song next to Jongin’s ear trying to calm his dongsaeng down. A quiet sound broke the silence, nobody moved, “You idiots, open the door.” They will recognize that voice everywhere. Heechul.

“Look at you, so pretty,” yeah, his senior spazzing about him was not a nice thing to watch, Jongin wanted to dig a hole and live there forever, maybe he could drag Kyungsoo with him. “Hyung, how long I’m going to be like this?”

“I don’t really know,” Heechul said playing with Jongin hair, occupying the space at the other side of Jongin, “Kyuhyun was like that for a week, Leeteuk just to or three days, Minho stayed like a women for about five or six weeks and Taemin... I’m not entirely sure he changed back completely.”

“Hyung!!!!, what I’m supposed to do?” Jongin whined.

“Well,” Heechul continued, “at least you look good, Siwon has the weirdest boobs ever and his legs were plain ugly,” he winced at the memory. “Now,” he said looking at Suho and Kris, “you guys are not going to have schedules until this... situation is over. I’ve already talked with Lee Soo Man and he was going to talk with the managers, he is not going to say the true of course, this is a secret. You can’t tell, not even your moms.”

“I thought you were kidding,” Lay said, “how is this even possible?”

“I don’t know, once I heard something about aliens and genetics, we can’t be that pretty without a reason but the standard theory is about our boss messing around with a witch and now we have to be like... this,” he said pointing at Jongin, “for a while.”

A week passed and Jongin was still the owner of an amazing set of boobs. Suho bought him a lot of bras and Kris got him some weird shit, honestly he didn’t knew EXO-M’s leader was into leather and lace and he really didn’t want to think about he giving that to him.

Sehun and Luhan kept wanting him to wear dresses, Chen asked like a hundred times for a chance to look properly at his boobs and Chanyeol asked to not have Jongin in front of him during practice because his ass was distracting him. “I thought you only grow boobs and a vagina but you change everything else, right?” Jongin looked amazing, the body of a ballerina, strong and soft legs, delicate arms and the smaller waist ever, he was hot, a really hot female.

“Wear this,” Kyungsoo handled him a big shirt one morning, “your shirts are too low cut or small, you can’t avoid them trying to look at your... structures.” His hyung had been the most considerate of his friends, always giving him space and delicious food when he was feeling down, he never looked at him like a perv and always scolded the members who did it, even Suho, the leader, was caught looking at his chest.

Jongin took off the shirt he was wearing one of Kris’s gifts, he was out of clean underwear okay? He did it like the most natural thing and he was honestly surprised when his hyung turned around at the speed of light. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “It’s not your fault. There is nothing wrong, this is not the first time you look at me shirtless.” He didn’t want Kyungsoo to look at him weirdly, he was trying to make this situation seem normal. “Sorry, it’s the first time I see you like this. You look pretty,” he laughed looking at Kyungsoo’s red cheeks.

“Really? I can’t look at myself that way,” Jongin answered. “Yeah, I mean, you were good looking as a boy, it’s not a surprised you look cute as a girl too,” he said, “please, don’t get me wrong” he added sounding mortified.

Three weeks and Jongin was still being a girl, he even tried some of Luhan’s dresses, he had quite a collection and Jongin was bored. Eventually he showed his boobs to Chen and now the guy worshipped him. Chanyeol avoided to look at him, always hiding in Baekhyun neck when he was in the room, according to Baekhyun he didn’t want to have a crush on him. On Sunday he told Kris how uncomfortable lace was, “It’s not my fault, my boobs are kind of fragile you know, it could look pretty but it’s like having ants there, I don’t want to scratch them all the time.” Being completely honest he didn’t like to touch them more than necessary, once he tried to play with them in the shower but he felt weird.

“Hyung!” Jongin called Kyungsoo, it was Thursday, they had practice that day and he needed help, “Could you please let me use one of your shirts?” For some reason Sehun found hilarious to hide his clothes, the dress on his bed was enough to realize what he wanted Jongin to do. “I can’t stay with this clothes, they are all sweaty, let me use one of yours, please.”

Kyungsoo smiled and walked towards his closet, he gave Jongin one of his biggest shirts. “Hyung, I’m kind of avoiding white shirts, you know... I don’t want to give the rest of the guys a show.” Kyungsoo mumbled an apologize and gave him a black one instead. Jongin removed his shirt. “Shit, fuck, sorry” yeah, his young, the always good Kyungsoo was swearing in front of him, “Just put the damn shirt already, what are you waiting for?” Jongin was surprised and a little hurt by his reaction and quickly put the shirt on.

“Don’t be a dick, I’m sorry okay? Jesus, I have boobs, deal with it.”
“I’m sorry...”
“It’s not like I wanted to be a girl, damn it.”
“Ufff, I know, sorry, I didn’t mean to...”
“I’m the one suffering this and you all guy act like I’m some sort of thing, fuck.”
“Hey, I’m sorry. It’s just... I...”
“Don’t worry, me and my boobs are going to leave you alone.”

“Where is Jongin?” Suho asked on Friday. Kyungsoo told him he wasn't feeling well, Jongin spent the night sitting in the bathroom’s floor, Kyungsoo tried to talk to him a few times but Jongin wasn’t in the mood of sharing. “What happened to him?” Kyungsoo told him the truth, Jongin was having some sort of emotional crisis because of him, “It’s been nearly a month and he is still... not a man.”

It was almost midnight when Jongin returned to their room. Kyungsoo really needed to explain things to him, he felt guilty for making Jongin uncomfortable, he didn’t want Jongin to feel sad.
“I’m sorry Jongin,” the guy ignored him and sit on his bed, “Please, don’t be mad at me, I don’t want you to be angry or sad, I want you to...”
“Just forget it,” Jongin answered him.
“No, listen, it’s my fault. The truth is, listen, please, let me finish” he said when Jongin wanted to interrupt him, “this is really hard for me and quite embarrassing actually but I want you to know, it’s not about you as a person, I have no weird thoughts about you, it’s just...” he paused making Jongin even more curious, his hyung was acting weird, if Kyungsoo wanted to say something he would just say it, he was being extremely insecure and Jongin was feeling worried for his friend. “I’ve never, you know... yours are the first... I had a few girlfriends before but... I’m not an idiot... don’t judge me... when you... fuck, what I’m trying to say is...”

“Have you ever seen boobs before?” Jongin asked. Kyungsoo looked like a fish, his eyes were wide and his mouth was moving but he wasn’t really talking. “No, yes, tecnically no” he finally said. Kungsoo’s face was extremely red and he was playing with his fingers nervously.
“Hyung?” Jongin asked shyly, “Do you want a look? I mean, for you to... you know. It may help you in the future or something.” Kyungsoo’s yes were about to leave his body and Jongin wanted to laugh at him so badly but this was a serious situation, he needed to have his serious face on.
“Don’t be an idiot,” he finally said, “I don’t want to touch your boobs, that is not the point, boobs make me nervous, I don’t know what to do with them and I don’t like the way they look at me.”

Jongin could help himself, he laughed with all his might, a few seconds after Kyungsoo’s laugh joined him. “I’m serious, you have no idea how weird I find them. Should I touch the nipple or the entire thing?” Jongin was losing his mind, “How I’m supposed to know what to do with them, I don’t have a set to practice with.” Kyungsoo was also laughing uncontrollably at that point, “and don’t get me start with the other thing, God was high when he invented the vagina. There is not easy way to find that thing, last time I was there I looked for it like half and hour and nothing, it was frustrating and embarrassing and weird.”

“Last time you were there?” Jongin said surprised, “Hyung, have you ever? you know... do you?”
“With my last girlfriend, yes, but as I told you it wasn’t a success.”
“How does it feel like?” Jongin asked full of curiosity.
“Wet...” was Kyungsoo’s answered and in that moment Jongin noticed he also was... “Fuck!” the younger said.
“What’s wrong?” Kyungsoo said surprised. “I’m wet,” he answered without thinking. Silence fell upon the room as Jongin looked at his young with wide eyes. Kyungsoo had no idea how to answer, he was older, the world expected him to say something reassuring to his dongsaeng. “It’s okay,” he finally told Jongin, “perfectly normal, we were talking about... yes, normal” was it? “Please, feel comfortable and don’t be ashamed.” Yes, that was a good answer and he was trying not to freak out because Jongin was wet and that meant he was... oh my god. “I’m going to leave you to fix your situation. Do you want kimchi spaghetti? I’m going to make you some,” he was talking nonsense at that point, “come to the kitchen when you are done okay?” He stood up and walked toward the door.
“Hyung,” Jongin said, his voice barely audible, “I don’t now how— What I'm supposed to—”

Kyungsoo was there and Jongin was there, he was older and he knew how little experience Jongin has. His dongsaeng work the hardest and he didn’t have so much time to date, just a few girls now and then but they last less than a week. He wasn’t a sex machine in real life.

“Could...” Jongin started again, “Could you show me how?” Jongin had no idea why he was talking or what he was saying and the room was really hot and he was dripping.
“I told you, I don’t know how.” Kyungsoo was desperate, Jongin had no experience but his own experiences were disasters.
“We can learn together,” Jongin whispered but Kyungsoo felt like Jongin shouted directly to his ear. He could hear fear and anticipation in his voice. “Forget it,” the younger said just a few seconds before.
“It’s okay,” Kyungsoo finally talked, somehow sitting next to Jongin and patting his back slowly. “I caused that and I’m supposed to be the one fixing it, right?”

Jongin was mortified it, he didn’t think about the implications of his words but that was the true, his hyung, cute little Kyungsoo, his friend, made him horny. Horny as hell. When the truth hit him, he hid his face in his pillow.

“It’s okay,” Kyungsoo said trying to look calmed, his voice however, wasn’t helping. Jongin noticed his friend was also having a mental breakdown. Somehow he felt relieved. “What do you want me to do?” Did he said relieved? Not really, that words dissipated his previous feeling. Kyungsoo made him lay down properly and occupied the space behind him. He felt his hyung’s arms surrounding him and he was really going to help him, oh my god.

“Shh, it’s o-okay,” Kyungsoo said and his voice just made more evident how nervous he was. “Are you feeling bad hyung?” Kyungsoo answered speaking right next to Jongin’s ear, he told the younger he was a little nervous because he didn’t want to cause Jongin permanent trauma or something. Jongin laugh and the area between his legs was kind of enjoying the effect of his hyung’s voice.

“Touch me then,” he said eager, his ears were burning but they started this and they must finished it. Kyungsoo felt amazing against his back and Jongin didn’t want to acknowledge how much he was enjoying to be the little spoon. “Where?” Kungsoo asked and Jongin felt him playing with his fingers near his stomach. “Be creative or something,” he said, trying to play cool and succeeding for the first time ever. He was a beast when he was Kai but he was feeling totally Jongin at that moment.

Kyungsoo’s hands slowly started to caress the fabric above Jongin’s stomach and he felt really hot down there. What the hell was going on? “You can touch under the shirt if you want to, I don’t mind,” Jongin facepalmed mentally, he really said I don’t mind.

He was such a loser.

Before he could think about how an idiot he was, Kyungsoo’s hand started to wander under his shirt. Jongin feel goosebumps all over his body and he shivered shamelessly, he heard Kyungsoo hold his breath.

Kyungsoo started to play with his navel and smiled lovely at the back of Jongin’s head when he noticed how difficult was for his dongsaeng to breath normally. He was really doing this. Jongin and he always had a good relationship, they played well, they ate together, they watched movies at night and it wasn’t the first time they cuddle but it was the first time the cuddle in bed.

It didn’t feel natural but it didn’t feel wrong, it just felt different.

“So,” Jongin said trying to calm his breathing, “this is foreplay, right?”
Kyungsoo laughed because girl or not his friend was an idiot, “No, you idiot, we are just fooling around.”
“It’s the same thing.”
“Foreplay means I’m turning you on to have sex later and we are soooo not going to do that.”
Fuck, Jongin wanted to took a bus to the sun and die because how was he supposed to know that? “I don’t want to do that, ugh! Don’t laugh at me, I didn’t know,” he stopped to hear the older laugh but he felt Kyungsoo shaking behind his neck, “well, are we going to continue with this fore-fooling around thing or are you going to keep laughing?”

He felt the hands leaving his body and for a second he thought Kyungsoo changed his mind but then he felt Kyungsoo changing their positions, Jongin was laying on his back and the other was laying next to him, Kyungsoo’s stomach touching the side of his body and was tracing patters in his arm, he held his breath and wait for the next move. He took the fabric of the shirt and slowly revealed the skin of his shoulder, he kissed it gently and frizzed.

“Sorry,” he said.

Jongin registered something changed when he stop feeling his hyung’s hand and lips. “What?” he said dreamy slowly open his eyes, he turned and saw the shorter man smiling at him, he didn’t said a thing and started working on his shoulder again. He kissed it gently and nibbled the sensitive skin, his other hand was touching slightly Jongin’s neck and everything felt perfect and he was happy because Kyungsoo, his hyung was taking care of him and he was so gentle and soft.

Slowly, Kyungsoo moved his face toward Jongin’s neck and started kissing his jaw, allowing his tongue to play with the bone. Jongin let a moan leave his mouth and Kyungsoo smiled and continue with his job. The younger wasn’t paying attention to the little sounds he made when Kyungsoo continued to kiss his neck, he didn’t notice his hand grabbing Kyungsoo’s shirt when he put his hand in the skin of his waist. Yes, this was different, honestly he preferred a leaking dick than whatever his vagina was doing, his underwear was a total mess.

Kyungsoo’s hand moved slowly upwards and Jongin was feeling the anticipation and he accidentally moved his hips, when the door opened.

“Guys,” Sehun said walking into the room, “sorry, guy and girl.”

That dick.

“It happened again,” he continued, the boys sit on the bed and heard whatever the guy wanted to say. It must be important because they were quiet busy, “Luhan, he changed! He has the nicest skin,” the boy finished looking shy at his hands.

“Is he here?” Jongin asked surprised, finally he wasn’t the only weirdo. “In the living room with the rest of the guys, you have to look at him, come on,” he didn’t need to say it twice, they ran toward the living room and saw a very awkward looking Luhan, standing, looking at the ceiling. Suho was looking for something frantically, a few boxes surrounding him. Kris was in the phone, taking with Heechul apparently. Sehun walked and hugged Luhan, the boy hid his face in his friend’s chest. They looked cute together, as always.

Chen was the one taking photos this time and the rest were staring at Luhan until Lay finally said “You look like yourself, only a little feminine,” the members nodded.
“You look cutter and even more fragile,” Xiumin said slowly, the members once again nodded.
“It’s a shame,” Chanyeol and Baekhyun said in unison, Tao hit the back of their heads, “This idiots imagined you with a huge pair of boobs, anime style,” without a reason the members nodded again.
“You are right,” Suho said surprising the presents, “Jongin’s bra collection is useless, we need to go shopping. When did you buy so many bras?” he asked looking at Jongin, when he was about to explain Kris fixation with leather, EXO-M’s leader spoke. “Heechul is going to take us, me and Suho to S.M building to talk with the boss. You stay here.”
“Someone could take Luhan to the mall and buy him a few bras,” Suho said taking his coat. Luhan took Sehun’s hand, without a world the guys leave the apartment.

Lee Soo Man, wasn’t happy, but he couldn't be mad, it was his fault anyway. EXO, both divisions were going to start his activities again, because they couldn’t just disappear. They did a few interviews when Jongin change but the company was scared. Luhan boobs were nothing compared to Jongin’s, both sub-units were going to stay in Korea, letting the group leave the country was too risky.

Two coordinoonas were called to the dorms and Lee Soo Man himself told them about the situation, one of them faint but they agreed to keep the secret. The only way to protect the group reputation was protecting the boobs. Luhan’s were easier to deal with, they bandaged it and a few layers do the trick. Jongin’s case was more painful, he receive a bandage too but his was tighter, his clothes ticker and he was not happy. He needed to dance properly but his upper body was in pain.

Suho and Kyungsoo took care of him, they always asked for breaks for Jongin to readjust his bandage, they knew the younger was not going to ask them himself. Jongin was grateful. Kyungsoo cooked his favorite food and massaged his back everyday, Suho asked the boss for days off now and then, actually he didn’t ask, he demanded for them. Painfully and slowly, Jongin’s second month as a girl passed.

It was Sunday, almost ten when he finished their schedule, the group was a total success, they were better at interviews and he felt less awkward in front of the cameras. They worked nearly seventeen hours that day, Jongin let himself fell on his bed, it hurt so much. He felt Kyungsoo’s fingers under his shirt, like every night he was taking off Kai’s bandage, massaging his back and slowly walking toward his own bed. Kai felt sleep under his hyung soft and strong fingers.

Next day, during breakfast, Suho receive a call, the boss cleared their schedules for three days. Sehun stood up and walked toward the door, he mumbled something about telling the other guys. The maknae was taking care of Luhan the same way Kyungsoo took care of him, except he was serious all the time.

Jongin sit on the couch all day, Chanyeol joined him most of that time, they were watching movies and he was impressed but how a sensitive guy was the tall guy. SHINee’s sunbaes came to visit, they bring food and shared stories about their times as women. Jonghyun said Key was pretty much the same, apparently he was a roller coaster of emotions as a man too. Minho admit he did modeling during his experience, they google it and nobody could believe it, he looked gorgeous and it was nearly impossible to recognized him under the make up.

“How long did you stay like that?” Tao asked, looking shy because his korean was kind of awkward. Jonghyun had the shortest time, just three days, he bragged about it, apparently he was such a macho man and his body reject the idea of being a woman “My body couldn’t let the ladies wait for that long,” nobody missed the dirty look Key gave him and a few minutes later it was obvious they were holding hands under the cushion. Onew stayed like that three weeks and he developed a taste for bags. Taemin and Minho both were females for four exact months and the younger complained how he hung out with Jongin a few times and the latter didn’t noticed it, “I wanted to hit your head, you idiot.”

It was nearly five am when the guys returned to his dorm leaving the sleepy rookies alone. At eight o’clock Jongin woke up, he saw Kyungsoo sleeping on his bed and was surprised because the older always woke up early even if he slept bad the day before. He went to the bathroom quietly and took a quick shower, he was kind of used to his new body, he missed his dick but he even found a few exercises on line to keep his breast firm, of course he was never going to accept that.

He returned to the room and put clothes on, Suho was being really sensitive in the shopping department, he bought him a few sports bras and loose shirts, nothing low cuts. To be completely honest sports bras were really comfortable but his boobs looked like one, he secretly preferred Kris’s sexy selection, the bitch face even found lace bras that didn’t itch.

“Could you be more loud?” he heard Kyungsoo said from his bed, “I was trying to sleep,” he whined.
“You should be awake, so don’t complain,” Jongin said didn’t even trying to hide his smile.
“I’m tired okay, sue me,” grumpy Kyungsoo was hilarious and cute. He thought he was acting all dangerous and mad but he looked like a cat trying to sleep. Jongin walked toward the older’s bed and lay next to him, letting himself being the little spoon. Cuddle was kind of their thing. Kyungsoo didn’t even flinch, he took Jongin between his arms and brought him closer to his chest. They sleep for a few hours and were awake by Chanyeol and Baekhyun laughs, they were taking photos non stop, in between the shot they said, ‘how cute’ ‘adorable’ ‘they look like idiots’ or ‘it’s been a long time since we cuddle like this’. Kyungsoo took the cover and put it over their heads, the pair made mad noises and talked about being selfish and a bad band mate and leave the room, closing the door loudly.

“Those idiots,” Kyungsoo said, “how time is it? eight, nine? ugh!”
“We are not going to see the end of that photos,” Jongin said, laughing at his hyung attitude that morning, “they are going to tease us about it until the end of times.”
“Let them do it,” the older said with a chuckle, “I have something to blackmailed with as well.” Jongin smile and wasn’t sure about the success of Kyungsoo’s plan, he knew Baekhyun and Chanyeol were the shameless guys on earth.

Ten minutes later or something, Jongin took the cover and revealed his head, it was chilly but his hair was wet and he didn’t want it to smell like sweat. Kungsoo was sleeping against his back and just then he realize he was soaking his pillow. “Hyung! I’m sorry,” he said trying to get up, “I’m... your pillow.” He tried to get up but Kyungsoo’s grip tighten around him, “Calm down young lady, it’s just a pillow, you can wash it later.”
“Yah! I’m not a lady, I’m a manly man living in a woman’s body, there is a difference,” Jongin tried to got up again but didn’t managed to do it. “I don’t see it, so until your dick make his comeback you are not a manly man, you are a young lady,” Kyungsoo laugh against his scapula. Jongin was offended, he didn’t like when the guys said things like that for him, it was hard enough to deal with the changes.

“Let me go,” he said, his voice sad and tired. Kyungsoo felt the change in the environment and held Jongin’s tighter, “I’m sorry, I’m just messing with you. This is going to be over soon and you have my permission to be a dick when I change, okay?” he felt Jongin relax and the younger took Kyungsoo’s hand intertwined their fingers.
“I’m going to teach you everything about being a women, from bras to food, from exercises to bandages,” he sounded so happy, Kyungsoo smiled and kept listening. “Once a month sucks, all the blood... the first time I though I was dying, I though my body was rejecting all the changes. I called Heechul hyung and the I felt like an idiot because it was kind of obvious what was happening to me. It lasted just two days and last month' wasn’t as traumatic,” the older laugh again and started to play with his dongsaeng’s fingers. “The bandage sucks, it’s like something squeezing the shit out of you and it’s hard to breath. Then my boobs are sore the entire day.”

Kyungsoo felt sorry about him and wished his boobs were smaller than Luhan because the guy didn’t seems as uncomfortable as Jongin with the bandage thing, “Do them hurt?” he asked, “I mean, right now.”
“Just one, the largest one,” Jongin speaking so matter of fact about his boobs was the funniest thing ever, “the one on the right.”
“I could give you a massage or something if you want,” Kyungsoo said, trying to be a good older brother, “maybe it could ease the pain.”
“I gave me one already, in the shower,” he answered, “don’t think something weird, okay?” Kyungsoo smiled and snuggled on Jongin's back. “My little perv, I’m not thinking bad things.”

“So,” Jongin started, “are you going to do it or not? You could also massage my back later.”

Kyungsoo laugh and realized Jongin’s hand moving it upwards but stopping right over the boob. “Umm, how I am supposed to do it?” he asked.

“I just squeeze it and let it go, squeeze it and let it go. You must do it gently otherwise it hurts like a bitch. The other day I accidentally hit it with the refrigerator door and almost cry.”

“You idiot. I promise to take care of my future boobs!” he said rising his right arm. Then slowly started to massage the sad boob.

“Does your bra have padding?” he asked surprised a few seconds later, a smile playing on his face, “Almost every bra has a little layer, it’s not my fault anyway, Kris is in charge of that things,” he answered shyly.
“Kris? Really?” Kyungsoo sounded genuinely shocked, he was moving his hand in circles now,
“Yes, I think he is secretly a pervert, he gave me those leather and vinyl undergarments and even a few sexy things, I asked him to buy me a few panties but he bought me proper lingerie like femme fatale style.”
“He asked you to do... something?”
“Of course not, Kyungsoo hyung. You are the real pervert, of course not!”
“Then maybe Kris is just into that kind of things and with you he had the chance to explore his kink.”
“Maybe,” the younger said, “I swear I have a corset in my closet somewhere. He gave me a waist cincher saying something about my posture, I’m not an idiot.”
“Really? Wow, I’ve never seem one, you know, live.”
“Do you want me to try it for you?” Jongin asked, not even joking, earning a harder squeeze from the older, “of course not! I’m just saying, we are just talking about things and I felt like sharing.”

Jongin wasn’t paying total attention because that last touch felt a little better than the rest and he wasn’t aware he like it rough and what the fuck he was thinking about?
“Jongin? Is there something wrong? I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“N-no, no. Can you please squeeze a little harder? Not too hard, just a little bit harder”
“Like this?” Kyungsoo started to experiment with different pressures and Jongin felt like dying because it felt really good and he was losing it. “Can you do that with the other one too? Please, hyung.”

Kyungsoo tried to reach the other one but their current position wasn’t the best. He suggested Jongin to change it a little, letting Jongin looking at the ceiling and Kyungsoo sitting next to him. Minutes passed and Kyungsoo felt like a master in boob massage because Jongin was smiling happily.

“Hyung?” Jongin asked suddenly, taking him out of his thoughts, “Do you remember the first month? When we were in my bed talking about stuff.” Kyungsoo nodded, he wasn’t sure about what was he talking about exactly because they talked about stuff all the time, in the beds, the couch, the car, backstage. “Do you want to do that thing now? Practice?”

Then it hit him, he remembered exactly that conversation, he dropped it because they were interrupted by Sehun and he felt awkward bringing the topic again. “I don’t know,” he finally talked, “I don’t want things to be weird between us.”
“It is going to be weird just if we make it weird,” Kyungsoo nodded because it made sense. “So what do you want me to...” he continued, “wait!” he said a little to loud, “you are like that again, aren’t you?”
“Shut up and try to understand me, someone has been caressing my breast for like fifteen minute,” Jongin hid his face under his arms, “I’m horny as a man, I’m horny as a women too. Shut up.”
“So, should we started with the foreplay?” Kyungsoo asked making fun of his friend.
“Shut up!”
“Let me see you face and stop acting like a kid.”
“You are embarrassing me, it was a mistake, I learned my lesson.”
“Lets fool around then,” Kyungsoo said, it was easier last time, their position was more intimate. “How do you want me to start?”
“You are an idiot, while setting the mood you can just ask that.”
“So...” Kyungsoo asked making fun of his friend again, "are we setting a mood in here?”
“Don’t play with me,” Jongin said, even if he was blushing he spoke with determination, “I’m giving you the chance of your life, an inside look at the woman’s body without a woman in the room, so say thank you and let’s get down to business.”
“Thank you,” Kyungsoo said like a little kid and then looked down at his hands.
“Stop feeling sorry about yourself and take my shirt off,” Jongin said trying to cheer the mood.

Slowly, Kyungsoo took off Jongin’s shirt and mentally said thank you to Kris because that bra was actually really pretty. “Stop staring,” Jongin whined.
“Sorry, it my first time looking at them like this and they are really pretty,” Jongin smiled because Kyungsoo sounded like and idiot, a nervous idiot, “I mean they felt firm but they look perfect.”
“Thank you, I work out,” Jongin said and both laughed at their own stupidity.

“I’m going to start now,” Kyungsoo announced, he straddled the younger and leaned forwards, he looked up and saw Kai smiling at him. He let his mouth find Jongin’s clavicle and started to kiss it, slowly he kissed his neck and did the same job on the other side. “You are not doing the nibbling thing you did last time,” the younger said. “Do you like it? I wasn’t sure if you like it or not,” he put his head under the guy’s neck and continued, “If you don’t like something, you should say it to me immediately,” he played with Jongin’s hands waiting for feedback. “Ok, you are doing a good job so far,” he said slowly. “How I’m supposed to be sure you are not lying?”

Kyungsoo looked up and Jongin noticed for the first time his hyung has the prettiest eyes ever and his nose looked soft, “I’m not going to lie to you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes,” he felt a little bold and it was finally his turn to make his hyung feel embarrassed, “if you want to be completely sure you just need to touch between my legs,” he was expecting Kyungsoo to die for embarrassment, he wasn’t expecting his hyung to look at him straight in the eyes with his mouth slightly open and let his hand wander under his sweatpants, he felt Kyungsoo’s fingers touching him softly and abandoning the area leaving a disaster behind.
“Oh!” the guy said, looking at his fingers, they were shining. “I didn’t thought you were like this already...” Jongin face was red, his entrance was dripping and he felt so hot, he was about to reply when he felt plump lips surrounding his earlobe, Kyungsoo’s hands were touching slightly his waist and Jongin let out the first moan. The sound encourage Kyungsoo to let the earlobe free and kiss gently his stomach, his tongue play with his navel and without noticing it Jongin opened his legs letting space for Kyungsoo’s body. He kissed and licked under Jongin’s breasts, he massage the largest one again and chuckled at Jongin arching his back. “Take it off,” were the younger words. Kyungsoo struggled a little because they were like a bulletproof vest and who design this?

“L-let me do it,” Jongin whispered, “It’s fucking difficult.” With a swift movement the bra was open and Kyungsoo took it of completely. Jongin was right, he worked out. Kyungsoo kissed tentatively one of them and stroke his friend cheek with one of his hands, the other was resting on his hips.
“Oh God!”
Kyungsoo continued with his work, kissing one of them and caressing the other, he was unconsciously avoiding the nipples, Jongin’s skin was too soft, too tender, he was receptive to his every touch.
“The nipple,” the younger one said, his voice a little chaotic and his eyes closed, “do something with the nipple.”
Kyungsoo smiled and let his tongue stroke the nipple, the other one was being tortured between his fingers. Jongin was breathing shallowly and his hands were tangled in Kyungsoo’s hair, pulling it slightly when the sensation was too much.

Kyungsoo let the boobs go and continued to play with his stomach and neck, his ears were touched again and delicate noises were leaving Jongin’s mouth. The younger was losing his mind he needed release but that wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but they didn’t have the plan completely figured out in the first place.

“More,” Jongin managed to said, Kyungsoo was capturing his nipple and part of his boob with his mouth, his tongue was running freely over his sensitive skin and his arousal was starting to get a little painful. Kyungsoo didn’t stop the stimulation and decided to let his mouth comfort the other boob as well. Kyungsoo felt the younger hands digging in his skull and pulling his hair. He was trying really hard not to feel aroused but his dick was slightly hard, he didn’t want to make his friend uncomfortable.

“Kyungsoo, I want more,” Jongin tried again, this time Kyungsoo heard him and look at his face, “what do you want?”
“More, a little more,” Jongin said between moans. Kyungsoo wasn’t sure but slowly moved his hand toward Jongin’s vagina.

That was so weird.

He was waiting for his friend to scream at him, to tell him not to touch him there, but was surprised by Jongin telling him to go faster, opening his legs slightly..

When his hand reach between Jongin’s legs he was surprised, the heat was incredible, his underwear was completely wet, he tried to look for his friends clit and was suddenly insecure, he had no idea what he was doing. “It will be easier if I look at it,” he said, Jongin didn’t answer, instead he took off his sweatpants and let them hit the floor. Kyungsoo was shocked, his heart was beating wildly as he took off the panties, revealing his forms. Jongin opened his legs obscenely and grabbed painfully Kyungsoo’s arm.

The older moved downward until he was face to face with the source of the heat, he paused. To be honest everything looked the same, everything was pink-ish and there were this lips-like things and then there was Jongin entrance and then his anus, he knew the clit was near the front, like in the top of the entire structure, like a crown or something. He was thinking carefully about his next move when Jongin moved his hips upwards and nearly made them collapse with Kyungsoo’s face.

“Eager, are we?” he asked.
“I guess not you because you are staring at my vag like you are waiting for her to give you a tour or something.”
“I seriously have no idea where to find it.”
“Just move until you find it, I will tell you to stop.”
“What don’t you touch it then I will know where is it.”
“Are you really asking me to touch myself in front of you Do Kyungsoo?”
“Don’t be an idiot, I was trying to help, now close your eyes or you are going to lose the mood.”
“Even more?” Jongin asked, honestly he was totally aroused, Kyungsoo was talking really close, his breath was doing wonders and he felt himself closing his walls.
“What did you just do?” Kyungsoo asked surprised, he didn’t miss the little movement.
“Nothing,” fuck, he was feeling totally mortified.
“You move something in there, right? You kind of closed it and then opened it again.”
“Yes, what about it?” Jongin asked while thinking about why Kyungsoo needed to talk right in front of his entrance.
“Why did you do it?”
“Are you an idiot?”
“Maybe, because is the first time you do it and I was wonder why now?”
“Let me tell you this way, I’m still in the mood, so hurry up.”

Kyungsoo was nervous as ever, he didn’t have a clue about what do to next so he decided to improvise, it worked with the boobs. Since they were friends he was going to do a little exploration with educational intentions hopping to please his friend and learn something new. This was easier for women, they just needed to pull and move his hands a little, maybe caress the balls softly and the work was done. Guys needed a fucking map.

He started to think about things he liked his girlfriend to do with him, but they didn’t apply here unless... he wasn’t sure about it, but it was a good idea, his tongue was larger than his fingers, he couldn’t miss the spot with his tongue. Slowly he opened his mouth just to have Jongin’s legs closing painfully around his head.

“What the fuck are you doing?”
“I-I was going to... you know to find your clit... I thought using my tongue was a good idea”
“W-were you y-you going to e-eat me out?”
“Don’t said it like that, stop.”
“Seriously, were you going to actually lick me?”
“I was going to try to.”
“You don’t know how to do it, do you?”
“Honestly, I don’t, but I was trying to, you know, maybe... you know what, forget it” he said kneeling properly on the bed, “I can’t do it. I have no idea where your clit is, I’m freaking out and you are so wet, oh my god, I don’t want to screw it up. I’m going to leave for you to finish yourself or I don’t know. Sorry, I just have no idea what to do.”

Jongin looked at his friend, he wasn’t ashamed, he was sad and disappointed, he looked like he was about to cry. Jongin didn’t want him to feel this way. It was his fault, it was his stupid idea and now his friend was feeling bad. “Don’t worry about it, I’m so sorry, I'm feeling nervous too, I didn’t expect you to do it, it was a surprise, sorry. Really,” he sit on the bed too and crawled towards Kyungsoo, without thinking he hugged him and kissed his cheek. “We can’t stop if you want to. Go take a shower and I will help you with dinner, okay?” Kyungsoo looked at him and smiled, he nodded, he started to move out of the bed when Jongin whimpered.

Jongin had his legs open around one of Kyungsoo’s legs and something happened when he moved. “Sorry,” Jongin said, in response Kyungsoo tried to move his legs the same way again, he knew he did it right when Jongin moaned slowly. “Sorry, sorry,” the younger said again, this time trying to increase the distance between their bodies however, Kyungsoo hugged him again forcing the younger to sit on his leg, he moved it around Jongin’s vagina and noticed the younger biting his lips. He did it again and Jongin’s head fell on his shoulder, a few movements more and Jongin was the one rubbing himself, looking for friction and moaning cutely near his ear.

“You are dry humping me,” Kyungsoo said in awe, he didn’t know girls do that too.
“Shut up.”
“You are doing all the job, you-are-dry-humping-me” he laughed.
“I don’t think this situation could be called dry.” Kyungsoo didn’t need to look down to feel the wetness.
“Are you enjoying yourself?” he chuckled.
“Yes, I am. Thank you for your consideration.”

Tentatively, Kyungsoo let his hand play with his friend's firm boobs, earning and approving noise from the younger. “Good boy,” Jongin teased kissing his neck cutely.
“Keep quiet,” Kyungsoo smiled, he knew it wasn't the best idea but he man up and touched slightly between Jongin’s legs.
“We are going to do that again? Are you sure?”
“I have to learn how to do it someday.”

This time, Jongin thought, his friends hands were not insecure, he was actually trying and he wasn’t doing a bad job. He was almost there. He let himself go and laid on the bed again, Kyungsoo smiled at him and they returned with their previous position.
“Do you know why is it called eating out?” Jongin said when he saw his hyung opening his mouth again.
“Because, it is done with the mouth?”
“No... It is called like that because you have to really eat it. Well, not literally. Like a fruit or something.”
“Like eating a mango or a banana?”
“A banana? I used to have the infrastructure for you to eat it like a banana, but my friend I guess today the mango example should work.”
“Ok,” Kyungsoo said and started to move his mouth the same way he did to warm up his muscles before his singing lessons. Jongin was about to laugh at him but he didn’t want to ruin the mood-ish thing they had going on. “Ok,” he said again, talking mostly to himself. He breathed in and out a few times trying to calm himself. Jongin felt like dying because his hyung was teasing him without even noticed it, the wetness and heat interacted beautifully with the smalls amounts of wind Kyungsoo was producing.

He finally let his mouth touch the sensitive skin, Jongin was waiting for his tongue but he felt a kiss, the same kiss his young gave him on the cheek every time they were happy, it was the same, he looked down and Kyungsoo had his eyes closed, he felt really warm inside and he knew it wasn’t because they were fooling around, it was because he really loved his hyung, he always took care of him, gave him advice and kept him in the present, he was his best friend. They were best friends and everything was alright.

He was finally waiting Kyungsoo to start playing but this time he felt a kiss against his leg, he was going to protest but he decided let him do it his way, without pressure. Jongin was dying but he wanted his hyung to feel comfortable. Kyungsoo stopped thinking about finding the secret spot and started enjoying the experience, Jongin’s skin was like silk, he felt really good. He let his cheek touch the inside of his thigh and gave an opened mouth kiss to Jongin’s labia feeling the younger shiver. He kiss Jongin’s mons and wonder if he kept his hair short even as a man, he never really cared enough to notice.

He licked around the entrance and Jongin started to moan again, that was kind of a good sign. He gave open mouthed kisses to the entire vulva and to be honest he was enjoying it. “You smell nice,” he said, his fingers where playing with the entrance’s skin. “What were you expected? I’m a clean guy with clean lady pa...” Jongin was starting to talk but Kyungsoo’s mouth covering his clit stopped him. He was finally sucking there and he was doing a pretty good damn job, he was taking the entire thing in his mouth and letting his tongue do the rest. His tongue felt soft against him and he noticed for the first time he was moaning.

“You tasted good too,” the older said, talking in between his legs, wind again, Jongin started to have a love-hate relationship with it. He looked down and Kyungsoo was looking at him smiling like an idiot. “What?”
“I thought you were going to taste weird but it’s quite good actually, like weird milk.”
“Shut up and kept licking.”

His hyung gave his hipbones a quick kiss and started to lick down, Jongin could see a trail of saliva shine on his skin. He closed his eyes because looking at his hyung looking at him while his tongue was doing that was too much. Kyungsoo let his tongue played around the entrance and playfully let the tip venture inside, Jongin moved his hips down fucking himself with Kyungsoo’s tongue and letting a strangled noise leave his mouth. Kyungsoo was kind of shocked because he wasn’t planning to do that but his dongsaeng was enjoying himself so it wasn’t that bad. He let his tongue travel across the skin between the entrance and the anus, Jongin whined grabbing the sheets under his fingers. Since he was there he licked playfully his anus slightly and felt Jongin closing his legs again.
“What are you doing?” the younger asked.
“I have no idea.”

Kyungsoo resumed his work sucking hard on his groin probably leaving a mark there, Jongin was having a hard time keeping his hips in one place, the feeling was too much. Kyungsoo licked his clit again and he lost it, he took Kyungsoo’s head between his hands and unconsciously push him down. Kyungsoo said something and the vibrations travel across the younger’s body making him push Kyungsoo even harder.

The shorter man licked faster, he held Jongin’s hips with one hand to keep the younger in place, the other one traveled toward his boob and started to play with the erect nipple. Jongin was feeling something heavy in his stomach and if it was the same between boys and girls he knew he was really close.
“You can let a few fingers in,” he said, Kyungsoo knew his dongsaeng was sounding really needy but didn’t say anything, “but be gentle or I’ll kick you face.”

He kept licking and move his hand from the boob toward the entrance, he let a finger in and he was totally sure all the members heard that scream. Maybe he was actually pushing the right buttons. He started to move his mouth exactly like he did when he make out and the response was extremely positive, his hair was suffering because Jongin was holding it for dear life. He let the finger in and out looking for some sort of rhythm. The younger’s moans filled the room, he wasn’t being loud, his moans were small and profound, his throat was doing all the work.

For some reason Jongin started to call his name in between moans, he didn’t know how to feel because that was more personal but they were best friends and it was okay but he felt different somehow. In response he licked enthusiastically inserting another finger, letting it move touching Jongin’s inner walls. A few seconds passed and he knew something was different, Jongin’s breath pattern was a mess, he felt hotter and he was repeating Kyungsoo’s name over and over, faster that before. The older felt Jongin stiffened his entire body under him and he let out a loud grunt moving his hips letting his clit move over the older's tongue, Kyungsoo let his tongue still but soft and allowed the younger to masturbate with it. Time stopped and Jongin came hard, Kyungsoo was caressing Jongin’s inner walls when he felt them contract over his fingers, more fluid came out and he knew for sure he did a good job.

It took a few minutes to Jongin to be himself again, he was laying on the bed with his legs wide open. He caressed the largest boob and Kyungsoo's head slowly and opened his eyes looking at him. “Come here hyung, hold me,” were Jongin’s first words, the older moved quickly and spooned his dongsaeng. The younger smiled but then jumped a little in surprise, “Hyung, pffff you are kind of hard,” Kyungsoo was mortified, he tried not to pay attention to his own arousal but he couldn’t deny it. “Sorry,” he mumbled.
“Y-you can rub yourself on me if you want to, I bet you are really close anyway.”
“No,” the older said, “don’t worry about me, how was it?”
“It was great, fantastic, out of this world,” the younger spoke excited, moving happily and smiling, “I mean, it was okay, you did a good job, hyung.” Kyungsoo laughed because Jongin was an idiot.
“But seriously, you are going to have blue balls if you don’t take care of your erection,” the younger insisted, Kyungsoo told him again he was okay but he forgot how to use his words when Jongin started to move his ass against his dick. The older didn’t even try to stop him, he hold Jongin’s tighter, caressing his friend nipple and enjoyed the friction. After a few minutes he came bitting his dongsaeng shoulder in order to suppress the moans.

Both stayed still, Kyungsoo didn’t know what to say and Jongin was feeling something similar.
“You came against my ass,” Jongin finally said, making fun of his hyung.
“You came against my face,” Kungsoo answered, making the younger flinch.
“Shut up hyung!”
“Not so funny anymore, right?”
“Shut up hyung!”
“My chin is still wet and your taste is in my tongue, sweet and a little sour, lingering in my mouth.”
“Shut up hyung!”
“My fingers felt your walls closing, you moan in pleasure and I felt the spams around my fingers.”
“Shut up hyung!”
“I saw your face when you hit your orgasm, mouth a little open, eyes dark, cheek red and your hair-”
“Shut up hyung! I don’t want to play anymore.”

The older laugh at his friend, Jongin searched for something under Kyungsoo’s bed and his hand returned with a few kleenex. They cleaned themselves up, Kyungsoo helped his dongsaeng to put clothes on, he changed his pants and both decided to move to Jongin’s bed because of reasons. “I’m sleepy,” Jongin said. Kyungsoo hugged him tightly and they didn’t care about dinner, it was almost twelve.

Three hours later Kyungsoo woke up, he decided to cook something because Jongin was going to woke up in a few hours and a hungry Jongin wasn’t a happy one. He walked into the living room and four pairs of curious eyes looked at him. Sehun gave him a thumps up and took a photo. Chanyeol and Baekhyun smiled and clapped like seals and Suho asked “How was it?”

Kungsoo felt his face melt, the implications were terrible and his band mates thought he and Jongin... “We didn’t have sex.”
“Don’t say that! Tell us!” Baekhyun demanded, “Jongin is going to tell us anyway.”
“Seriously guys we didn’t fuck, we just fooled around a little and that was it.”
“Are you trying to tell us that your dick was in your pants the entire time?”
Everybody started to laugh like freaking idiots and all Kyungsoo heard was ‘he think we are idiots,’ ‘of course he didn’t use his dick, what a lie,’ ‘Luhan is going to piss himself because of your bullshit.’ The conclusion: nobody believed him.

Jongin woke up a a few hours later and walked toward the kitchen, he was fucking hungry. He found a container with his name on it, the letter was Kyungsoo’s he opened it and walked into the living room chewing. Everybody was in front of the television watching a drama.
“Sleeping beauty finally woke up,” Chanyeol said. Jongin looked at Kyungsoo and he smiled at him.
“Look at them,” Sehun said, “so close, so happy, did he fuck you well hyung?” he finished feigning respect.
“What? What the hell did you told them Kyungsoo.”
“I told them we didn’t have proper intercourse but they didn’t believe me. Apparently you are impossible to resist or some shit.” It took Jongin almost an hour to persuade his band mates, they looked disappointed and just by looking at Sehun’s face he could be sure the younger wasn’t that convinced.

Jongin decided to take another bath because he was sweaty and sticky in weird places. He was washing his hair when he noticed it. He screamed and left the bathroom in a hurry, the younger ran naked toward the living room leaving watery footmarks behind him. “Hyungs! Sehun!” he said walking in front of his friends. They looked at Jongin, Chanyeol was clapping and Baekhyun started to talk about a welcome party for his penis, Sehun hugged his friend and took a photo with him. Suho congratulated him quickly and immediately called his boss, Kris and Heechul. Jongin could swear he also called Onew, a priest and Jongin’s mom.

In the middle of the chaos he looked for Kyungsoo, the small guy was smiling at him from the couch. He stood up and hugged his friend, both smiled at each other and Kyungsoo gave Jongin a soft kiss on his cheek.
“I don’t have boobs anymore.”
“I notice it."

Thank you for reading.
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  • Cookies and Carpets

    Title: Cookies and Carpets. Rating: G Pairing: Baekyeol, Krisyeol. Genre: angst, romance, friendship. Length: Oneshot. Word count: 6631…

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